“Home” By Mariam The Believer

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Home" By Mariam The Believer
Mariam The Believer photo by Fredrik Egerstrand

Swedish multi-artist Mariam The Believer AKA: Wallentin has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Feist, Damien Rice, Hildur Gudnadottir, Adrianne Lenker, Lykke Li, Deerhoof, Konono No. 1 and Mats Gustafsson to name a few. She also collaborated with Ben Frost on the title song for Ridley Scott’s HBO series Raised by Wolves. Wallentin is also one half of vocal/drum duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums. The pair have collaborated with and supported artists like St. Vincent, Joanna Newsom and Caribou.

Today, the multi-artist has shared new single “Home,” which Wallentin explains, “the song was recorded a few years back close to my house on the north Swedish west coast. While pregnant with my second child and at the same time attending a Kundalini teacher training course (both being in person meetings in Berlin and mostly online due to the covid) my feelings of what a home is or can be slowly changed form for the first time in my adult life. Maybe because of the actual smallness of the distances I experienced, the place I lived in, far off in the countryside and far from any big cities, but still being so close to my creative process. And doing breath work with people from other countries online but still hearing each other breathe. And all while my own body was acting as a home to someone. “Home” was not only music and singing, a big palette of a world to travel and meet and experience, but also an actual place where I had chosen to stay for a little while, far away but still so near. A house, a chosen family, a body. A home is to feel safe.”

The sound on Breathing Techniques is intimate yet atmospherical, a musical landscape that opens up as the music evolves through subtle progressions, repetitions and sometimes seemingly sporadic arrangements. A setting reminiscent of an updated classical chamber orchestra, fronted by Wallentin´s singing, breathing life into the wonder of vulnerability and care that is the littlest of everyday life.

Mariam The Believer
Breathing Techniques

1. Both Arms
2. Home
3. Misty
4. A Heart
5. Breathing Techniques
6. Tiny Animals
7. Dreams
8. Highest Peak


To wait for the light as the night ́s awaiting sunrise
Stay with my eyes as I look into yours
Wait for the light as the night ́s awaiting sunrise
Stay with my eyes as I look into your eyes
So come
Come home
Is here
Here with me
So come

Hold your belief as a tree is growing
Hold on to me when the wind is blowing
Stay with my eyes when I look into your eyes
Your hand in mine and I’ll lead us somewhere safe
So come
Come home
Is here
Here with me
So come

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