Holy Pink debut new single “Fragrant”

Holy Pink debut new single "Fragrant"
Holy Pink

HOLY PINK are the Los Angeles based incarnation of Anna Wallace and Timothy Murray. Through color and vibration they hope to conjure a world to lay consciousness upon. Inspired by sound healing, desert landscapes and self transformation, they understand order and disorder are one. Time is a moment constantly exploding, let’s love. Today, the duo are sharing their new single “Fragrant”, which is now available to stream.

Quote on “Fragrant” on the band:

“Fragrant is inspired by dissociation, flower worship and synesthesia. Broken blossoms and traveling dimensions. Sound, color and our senses are portals that can help us heal so it felt cathartic to write a song that conveys our own feelings of what detachment from reality feels like. In our world it could feel like slow motion, the sounds of bubbles popping, the texture of lace or the smell of jasmine.”

“Fragrant” is a song Holy Pink’s forthcoming release Meditation Hymns for an Electronic Age, which we recorded ourselves on an 8 track in Los Angeles, CA.

The EP can be pre-ordered here


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