Holy Fuck announce new album ‘Congrats’

Holy Fuck announce new album 'Congrats', the full-length comes out on May 27th on Innovative Leisure

Holy Fuck hasn’t released an album in a long time. The project needed a break, after relentless touring. The so-called break presented chances chance to explore other projects and production work. (Like the bands Lids and Dusted, or production for Metz and Viet Cong.)

Today, Holy Fuck suddenly announced the release of Congrats, a surprise full-length “two years in the making that is by any scientific measure their holiest fuckiest release ever: When you’re sitting still in a van and staring out the windows, you start to dream about all the other things you want to do,” says Borcherdt. “This album is exactly what we couldn’t do then.”

Checking into a ‘proper’ studio, rather than the barn in rural Ontario where where most of Holy Fuck’s records were made, they discovered that Congrats was a process of refining things, as Graham says, both physically and philosophically. That ad hoc arsenal of low-budget hi-tech toys has been streamlined down to what he calls the nervous system of the band: “What gets run through our system is the seed of the idea for our music, and the system is what we play. This record is almost a beginning-the first stage of a new way for us.”

So consider those previous albums prelude to Holy Fuck’s true breakthrough, and recognize Congrats as moment when Holy Fuck take the chaos and craziness (and charm) that have always been at the heart of their band and not so much control it as concentrate it. Now they’re heavier, wilder, leaner, with inspirations from outsiders Suicide, Silver Apples, Can, Mission of Burma or the Monks or even Sun Ra, says Borcherdt, whose pursuit of his own kind of musical purity is exactly what Holy Fuck are after.

Holy Fuck will be playing their first US show for this album this month in LA at Los Globos on February 25th as part of a special Innovative Leisure curated show with Red Bull Sound Select. The band also have plans for a national North American tour, dates to be announced shortly.

Congrats is out May 27th on Innovative Leisure

Congrats Tracklisting

1. Chimes Broken
2. Tom Tom
3. Shivering
4. Xed Eyes
5. Neon Dad
6. House Of Glass
7. Acidic
8. Subbatics
9. Shimmering
10. Crapture