“Hitchhiker” by Wyldest

"Hitchhiker" by Wyldest is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

London trio Wyldest is comprised of songwriter and producer Zoe Mead, multi-instrumentalist Mariin Kallikorm, and Jack Gooderham on drums.The trio recently released their Self-produced single,”Hitchhiker”. The album comes out on September 8th via Hand in Hive. Wyldest play their next show, July 16th in London, UK.

Of the track Mead explains :

“I recently became obsessed with a true story I read about a hobo hitchhiker. This dude had nothing material, but anyone who met him saw him as happiest person they’d ever met. ‘Hitchhiker’ is about the dream many of us have about ‘escaping’ society and rejecting materialism in favour of living alone with nothing but nature, our own thoughts and air in our lungs. The art of being happy just to exist with your own mind as entertainment; what a power that would be.”

Live dates

Citadel Festival – Victoria Park, London – Sunday 16 July
The Waiting Room, London – Wednesday 27 September
‘Cat Lovers’ at Queen Of Hoxton, London – Saturday 25 November


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