His Clancyness To Release ‘Vicious’ 10/8

His Clancyness drops a much-awaited new album, 'Vicious', out October 8 via FatCat

His Clancyness is the alias of Jonathan Clancy. Born in Ottawa and raised between Canada and Italy, Clancy moved back and forth between the two countries up until his late teenage years, when he finally settled in Bologna. Gaining early experience through playing in a number of hardcore / punk bands, and having toured the world in a couple of indie outfits, Jonathan struck out on his own back in 2009 and started to gain some early recognition across the internet when he began leaking out a series of bedroom-recorded psych-pop gems.

As an avowed rock and pop culture obsessive, Clancy cites a long and varied list of artists as influences – Swell Maps, Can, Bowie, Modern Lovers, Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, The Gun Club, Women, Stevie Nicks, Gastr Del Sol, Zombies and “just about every psychedelic pop nugget ever produced.”

His Clancyness drops a much-awaited new album, ‘Vicious’, out October 8 via FatCat. The record was produced by Chris Koltay (Liars, Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza, Akron Family, Dirtbombs) at High Bias Recordings in Detroit. Recorded as a trio (including Paul Pieretto and Jacopo Borazzo on bass and drums), the album marks the first time Clancy recorded with a band.

1. Safe Around The Edges
2. Miss Out These Days
3. Gold Diggers
4. Hunting men
5. Slash The Night
6. Run Wild
7. Machines
8. Avenue
9. Crystal Clear
10. Zenith Diamond
11. Castle Sand Ambient
12. Progress



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