“Hey Man” by Oberhofer

When it came time to make his second proper album under the Oberhofer name, the Tacoma-raised, New York-based artist had a great deal to draw from. The self-produced LP “Chronovision” is a high-concentration dose of pure memory.

While you’ll hear Oberhofer’s familiar sound — amped psych-pop with orchestral flourish, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz — the intensity has been ratcheted up.

The road to Chronovision was winding. He first rented a spot in the Catskills, set up all of his instruments (piano, keyboards, guitars, drums, clarinet, violin, Theramin), and made a song a day for two weeks. But that version of the record would be scrapped, as would the next, recorded in Seattle with Phil Ek (the Shins, Modest Mouse) on the boards. Two more album’s worth of songs were recorded in a pair of overnight solo jags, but those only exist today in the annals of SoundCloud. A final spurt took him to a Tacoma studio, two NYC facilities (Strange Weather, Electric Lady), and the former Sound City in Los Angeles. Lastly: Atlanta to mix with Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Washed Out). Exactly 106 demos later, Oberhofer emerged with these 12 songs.

Chronovision Deluxe LP TRACKLISTING

01. Chronovision
02. Nevena
03. Together Never
04. Memory Remains
05. Someone Take Me Home
06. Sea of Dreams
07. Ballroom Floor
08. White Horse Black River
09. Me 4 Me
10. Sun Halo
11. What You Know
12. Listen To Everyone

Bonus Tracks:
13. Chronoluxe Intro
14. Alone Man
15. Someone Take Me Home
16. Hey Man
17. White Horse, Black River
18. Lost Your Love
19. Winter Has Come and Gone Again
20. Organist
21. Alone After Life
22. Best Friends for Life
23. Walked To Your Grave
24. Flowers, Sunlight, Aurora Florealis

03.11 – Deloitte Interactive Event
12:00pm @ The Palm Door on Sixth (508 E 6th St)

03.12 – Deloitte Interactive
8:00pm @ Palm Door on Sixth (508 E 6th St)

03.13 – Barbarian Group Party
9:20pm @ Mohawk (912 Red River, Austin, TX)

03.15 – SXSW Showcase
11:00pm @ Nomad Bar (1213 Corona Dr)

03.16 – Wild Honey Pie
5:30pm @ Swan Dive (615 Red River St)

03.16 – Speakeasy Kabaret presented by We Found New Music
10:30pm @ Speakeasy (412 Congress Ave)

03.17 – Bahiadora Showcase
10:00pm @ Lucille (77 Rainey St)