“Hey Grandma” by No Parents

LA punks No Parents have announced a TV party/Pop-Up Record shop in Los Angeles at their record label’s office (2026 E. 1st St) on June 4th. To celebrate the release of their new record, Hey Grandma & The Greatest Hits, the band will take over Ring The Alarm’s headquarters while the label bosses are away for the weekend to throw a literal TV party, where the band will be playing inside of a gigantic TV set and selling copies of their new record as well as other RTA releases on vinyl. Hey Grandma & The Greatest Hits is comprised of fan favorite “Hey Grandma” and 30 30-second songs. You can expect art on the walls, live performances, snacks, thrashing, viewings, listenings, vinyl, feelings and dancing!

No Parents is a punk band made up of longtime friends (singer Zoe Reign, guitarist Ryan McGuffin, bassist Killian LeDuke, rhythm guitarist Davis LeDuke, and drummer Monte Najera) who love being from the Valley, love punk music and love each other. They also love bowling, gluten, kombucha, Kendrick Lamar, Monte (everyone loves Monte, meet him, you’ll see), and Dr. Pepper, a pretty solid list for a group of punks who insist that they’re not just a band but a lifestyle.

Following up their debut album May The Thirst Be With You (Burger Records), No Parents is releasing a series of singles this spring, including a 12 inch with Ring The Alarm records with “Hey Grandma” as the A side and thirty 30-second songs on the B side, including gems like “Wifi” and “The Valley.” The songs work both as songs as well as a document of the No Parents lifestyle, which means they sound like they’re spiked with love and Dr. Pepper.

7/2 Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse *
7/23 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex

* w/ Together Pangea