“Heavyweight” Rituals of Mine

Rituals of Mine is comprised of Terra Lopez and percussionist Adam Pierce. The duo recently shared their new video for “Heavyweight,” the song is off their current release Sleeper Hold, now available via Carpark Records. is inspired by the after effects of grief and trauma in relation to the body and mind, particularly Lopez’s own surrounding her father’s suicide and the unexpected loss of her best friend. For the accompanying video, Lopez was approached by Pitch Her Productions, an organization that focuses on promoting womxn-identified filmmakers in the industry, who paired her with Ecuadorian artist/filmmaker Domenica Garcia. Nearly the entire cast and crew are womxn-identified and are womxn of color.

Terra Lopez on the video for “Heavyweight:”

“We wanted to create a video that depicts the weight that grief imposes on anyone that experiences it; the ways in which we have to deconstruct, contort and carry grief with us in our day to day.” “At the start of the video you see three womxn holding their cumbersome grief and traumas, having to learn how to move in the world with it. As the video goes on, you see that same grief and trauma decrease in size as the womxn learn how to navigate their world with it. That was the theme we wanted to focus on: we will all have to experience grief at some point in our lives, unfortunately. So, how do we learn how to cope? Grief never leaves you entirely but if you do the work and learn to move through it, you can see beyond it one day. ”