Heaven’s Gate Premiere ‘Screams’ LP Out 8/24

Ransmuting… is the debut LP from Heaven’s Gate. After releasing a 7″ EP on Fire Talk last year, the Brooklyn five-piece will deliver this candy-coated muscle relaxer to your eardrums on September 24, 2013. There are echoes of bands like The Raincoats, My Bloody Valentine, and Wire, but Jess Paps (vocals), Michael Sheffiled (guitar), Alex Cvetovich (bass), Jack Wolf (guitar) and Patrick Stankard (drums) have created a frightening new energy.

Recorded at a house in Englewood, NJ with Scott Andrews, there are an abundance of layers on each track- synths, pianos, experimental electronics, loops, feedback. But the record is also deeply personal; you get a sense of the warmth of the house it was recorded in against a backdrop of an isolated wintertime, when most of the songs were written. There is a feeling that there is no escaping the winter and the album embodies this eerie spatiality.

Transmuting… is about the process of tearing out of symbiosis and moving forward from loss. Raucous punk, polyrhythmic percussion, rich melodies and a wash of buzzsaw effects decorate each track. The songs deal with fading memories, reoccurring nightmares, facing demons, and the exorcism of the self. Piercing and meditative, dissonant and familiar, sparse yet mired, human yet digital; Transmuting serves as the long awaited bridge between the group’s birth and their self-actualization.

“Transmuting” Track Listing:

1. Roll The Dice
2. Drone
3. Fight
4. Clean
5. Lex Vision
6. I’m Forgetting
7. Screams
8. Iron Black
9. Always
10. Transmuting
11. Sun City




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