Heat share “25” from debut EP ‘Rooms’

Heat share track "25' from debut EP 'Rooms,' available April 27 via Kitsune.

Kitsuné turns punk-edelic with HEAT’s New EP ‘Rooms’ out on April 27th.

The sound of Heat is all at once fresh and familiar. Equally calling to mind the 1970s proto-punk of New York City and the sprawling psychedelia of 90s UK shoegaze, it’s a sound that is infused with youthful attitude and is altogether self-assured at it’s core. A call to arms to the tune of weaving guitars and baritone crooning, this Montreal 4-piece has been turning heads and catching ears worldwide.

Heat start the year with the reissue of their self-titled EP which has been renamed Rooms on April 27th on Kitsuné. Unpredictable and made to break to charts, Rooms includes two exclusive tracks, the Strokes –esque “All I Wanna Do” and “This Life“ which surely describes the band’s sound, along with the catchy “Susifine” which is also on the label’s latest compilation “Kitsuné New faces II.”


1. This Life

2. Rooms

3. All I Wanna Do

4. 25

5. Susifine

6. Ritual

7. Wild Eyes


07/05/15 Sebright Arms, LONDON, UK

10/05/15 Belgrave, LEEDS, UK

11/05/15 Start The Bus, BRISTOL, UK

12/05/15 Bodega, NOTTINGHAM, UK

13/05/15 Bungalows and Bears, SHEFFIELD, UK

16/05/15 Great Escape Festival, BRIGHTON, UK

17/05/15 London Calling, AMSTERDAM, NL

18/05/15 Pop Up, PARIS, FR

30/05/15 Hops & Rock Festival, DUNHAM, QC

28/07/15 Pit Caribou, GASPÉ, QC

29/07/15 Naufrageur, CARLETON-SUR-MER, QC

30/07/15 Gus Pub, HALIFAX, NS

01/08/15 Sea Shack, SAINTE-ANNE-DES-MONTS, QC

08/08/15 La Grosse Lanterne, BETHANIE, QC

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