“Headhunter” by Safe Barracks

Safe Barracks a truly modern act that create music that is best described as cinematic pop. Orchestral
samples, fused with a blend of live and electronic instrumentation enable Safe Barracks to evoke the drama,
power and beauty of an engrossing cinematic experience. As a live act, the duo dismantle the boundaries
that confine what is possible. Not limited to a single soundscape or source their incendiary performances
thrill, excite and awe in equal measures.

Kaveh and Patrick met briefly at a house party in Tehran, Iran in 2008. Kaveh was
forced to flee from Iran as he and his then band members were arrested and sentenced to prison for
playing an open air show, an act forbidden by Iran’s strict religious laws. The pair met again in London
when Patrick auditioned for drums for Kaveh’s then London based band. The pair recognised each
others similarities in influence and goals and went on to form Safe Barracks.


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