Hazel English announces new EP

Hazel English announces new EP 'Never Going Home'

Hazel English is an Oakland-based singer/songwriter, who creates indie-pop music. Today she has announced her debut 12-inch vinyl EP, Never Going Home, on House Anxiety/Marathon Artists.

Those that have followed her through the blogosphere so far will recognize the title track ‘Never Going Home’ – to commemorate this EP announcement it’s now complete with an accompanying video trailing her mountaintop journey through local idyls – as well as ‘It’s Not Real’. Both of the aforementioned tracks were first premiered in demo-form via her SoundCloud. The EP also contains three entirely unheard new tracksin ‘Control’, ‘Make It Better’ and‘I’m Fine’ which will all be unearthed very soon (starting today Hazel will drop a new track from the EP on Spotify / iTunes / Soundcloud every three weeks).

Clad head-to-toe in a seemingly endless supply of dress-up thrift-store costumes, a glance at any of Hazel’s social networks reveals a vivid portal into her timeless world, where sun-bleached snaps bely a million possible stories. She’s an artist for whom the visuals and music go hand-in-hand. If you like your indie lo-fi and dreamy, it’s certainly a good time to be lurking around the Bay Area. Hazel finds herself something of a scene queen amidst the burgeoning jangling happenings around the San Francisco perimeter, which count the likes of her producer Jackson Philips aka Day Wave amongst its ranks, as well as kindred spirits like Craft Spells and Hot Flash Heat Wave, to name but a few. Despite the fun being had locally, Hazel describes her music as, “Transportive. It makes you feel like you’re in a different place”.

Having extensively toured the west coast, plans are to take her live show on a national US tour and full European run, in support her official debut release.

Hazel English – Never Going Home – out 07/10/16
via House Anxiety/Marathon Artists

Hazel English announces new EP 'Never Going Home'









1. Never Going Home
2. Make It Better
3. Control
4. It’s Not Real
5. I’m Fine