“Harrison” by Alxndr London

"Harrison" by Alxndr London

The East London Singer Alxndr London (pronounced Alexander London) releases yet another single Harrison.

The brand new single is a finely crafted, vintage soul ballad that continues to prove Alxndr’s ability to arrive with diamonds in hand.

This song illustrates a sultry, moody R&B tune imbued with the melodic production created by British Producer Harrison with a more colorful muscle added to it, with a few sonic idiosyncracies.

The focus of this track is on London’s wandering retro soul vocals that set over a sparse, delicate piano and a gentle ticking. The unexpected silences and the glorious walls of sound, as the hazy acoustics and twinkling electronics come and go throughout the track, are a perfect match for the ebb and slow vocals delivered by Alxndr London.


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