“Hard To Find” By EJ Worland

Australian singer/songwriter EJ Worland, has shared his new single/video “Hard To Find.” The track is off his debut EP Over The Pond, available April 9th. FFO: Sam Cooke/Donny Hathaway/Bill Withers.

EJ Worland on “Hard To Find:”

“When “Hard to Find” came together I wanted to write a song I could listen back to that would remind me to be excited about this new chapter of releasing music as a solo artist, rather than worrying about if it was going to work out or not. The opening lines of the song talk about a confused place I was in before I landed in LA where I started to find a community of friends and musicians, only to have the pandemic make it impossible to perform and ultimately stay. Back in Australia I linked with my good friend, director Kane Lehanneur of ‘The Sauce’, who helped me create the motion.

Kane was keen and eager to try something a little bit different. He wanted to mess around with animation, bright colours and lots of movement to keep up with the energy of the song. I’m so glad I listened to him because as soon as he came back with the first cut I was completely hooked on it. It gave the song a completely new breath of life and world to live in which I’m forever grateful for.”