“Hallelujah Show” By South Of France

Denver band South of France have shared “Hallelujah Show.” The track is off their LP My Spirit Animal/ My Baggage. South of France’s frontman Jeff Cormack has been creating dystopian vacation indie rock since dropping the first single in 2015. “Hallelujah Show” explores the truth behind flawless appearances and idealizations.

From South of France:

“I aim to create a vibe of ‘let’s call it what it is’ in a world we try to present as glossy,” Jeff says. “It’s about who we are versus who we think we are. I think that’s more interesting, anyway.”

Including lines such as “Shaking these dreams/ Contemplating these scenes/ Another boring sunrise/ Are you up love?/ It’s late here looking for my baggage/ The concierge is booking bad trips…” it’s easy to see why South of France has been gaining buzz through things like being previously featured in an episode of Bojack Horseman. Currently signed with Staycation Records, South of France recorded “Hallelujah Show” at their studio with all instruments performed by Jeff Cormack. The track was collaboratively-produced by Cormack, Gregory Laut and David Bennett.

Happy holiday season! We’re spreading the cheer by working with Denver group South of France on their new upbeat single “Hallelujah Show” out December 17th. This energetic track is the first single off their second full-length album, My Spirit Animal/ My Baggage, to be released through Staycation Records in 2022. The group’s buzz started back when their music was featured on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman. The band is the brainchild of Jeff Cormack, who continues to take listeners on sunny, dystopian auditory trips with his catchy lyrics and melodies.


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