Half Japanese Announce First LP In 13 Years

Half Japanese To Release First LP In 13 Years ‘Overjoyed’ Out Sept. 3 Via Joyful Noise,

Half Japanese are back. Founded by brothers Jad and David Fair in their bedroom in 1974, Half Japanese is one of the most influential bands of rock history.

Pioneering the DIY and Lo-Fi movements, Half Japanese began recording and self-releasing music in an era of major labels, at a time when it was inconceivable to record music for any reason other than a strictly commercial purpose. They recorded in their bedroom, pressed their own vinyl, and brazenly marketed their music with bizarre magazine ads. Ignoring musical conventions like chords, rhythms, melody, and song structure, Half Japanese organically developed an outsider aesthetic without pretense or ego. Their inner desire to make music led them into uncharted territory, without regard for anyone’s expectations other than their own.

Half Japanese To Release First LP In 13 Years ‘Overjoyed’ Out Sept. 3 Via Joyful Noise, Their unique approach resulted in classic albums like “1/2 Gentlemen/Not Beasts” and influenced countless artists such as Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel, Daniel Johnston, and perhaps most notably, Kurt Cobain (who ranked Half Japanese amongst his top 50 favorites, had them open the “In Utero” tour, and was even wearing their t-shirt when he died).

Having remained silent for over a decade, Half Japanese returns this year with the release of “Overjoyed”. Their first album in 13 years, “Overjoyed” shows the band at their most accomplished, aggressive, and (surprisingly) approachable. Produced by John Dieterich of Deerhoof, the 12 songs on “Overjoyed” are unlike anything in the bands catalog, each unapologetically positive and somehow accessible.

Willful ignorance of musical conventions and trends has helped Half Japanese create one of the best albums of their catalog. “Overjoyed” contains a deep purity and earnestness which is exceptionally rare amongst “reunion albums”. This is not a band attempting to recreate their old sound (more likely, they’re unaware they even have a “sound”). Instead their approach has allowed them to sidestep pitfalls and create something new, interesting, and refreshing.

‘Overjoyed’ Tracklisting

Side A
1. In Its Pull
2. Meant To Be That Way
3. Brave Enough
4. Do It Nation
5. The Time Is Now

Side B
6. Our Love
7. Shining Star
8. Each Other’s Arms
9. Overjoyed And Thankful
10. We Are Sure
11. As Good Can Be
12. Tiger Eyes




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