“Half An Hour” By Colour Film

Matthew de Zoete has been part of the thriving indie Canadian music scene since 2006, first under his own name and then as Colour Film since 2016. The artist’s crafts music that combines atmospheric, folk, and pop. The lyrics touch on life and the personal experiences. Today, the artist has shared a video for the track “Half An Hour.” Half An Hour was recorded just prior to the pandemic in January 2020, and delayed following an injury de Zoete suffered that almost derailed his music career completely. Now having partially recovered, de Zoete is ready to share Half An Hour and revisit a time that already feels like another life.

Half An Hour was produced by de Zoete’s longtime collaborator Les Cooper, and features stellar contributions from vocalist Kori Pop who accompanies de Zoete on all tracks along with backing from Cooper, Christine Bougie and Dan Rodrigues De Zoete explains, “ We rehearsed on a Tuesday, and then over the next three days the songs were recorded live off the floor with everyone in one room. Kori and I sang our vocals live together as we were tracking the songs, and I think it shows.It was an intense experience, knowing I had to deliver on voice and guitar in that environment, but it was also liberating knowing the only overdubs would be a few flourishes to the keeper takes.”

From Matthew de Zoete AKA: Colour Film

“The song “Half An Hour” was written about two young people I saw in a gravel parking lot at a rural crossroads in southern Ontario. I drove by while on my way to pick up some plants from a greenhouse and saw two cars parked in an otherwise empty lot. A man and woman, maybe in their late teens or early twenties, were standing between the cars, hugging. About 30 minutes later on my way back home, I passed the same parking lot, and the same two people were locked in the same embrace. They stuck in my mind, and the next day the song more or less wrote itself. The video was shot in the old barn on my wife’s farm, where I live and work. Everything seemed to fall into place, so I just tried to stay out of the way.”

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