Gun Outfit Shares New Single “Worldly Way”

Gun Outfit Shares New Single "Worldly Way"

Gun Outfit has been cruising towards the release of their Paradise of Bachelors’ debut, Dream All Over, out October 16th. They’ve released three unique singles that have demonstrated their refined songwriting chops. On “Gotta Wanna,” Dylan Sharp sings, “I wanna squirm around / I’m a wild primate / Can’t never make no art / When my clothing chafes,” and on “Only Ever Over,” he muses, “Out here on the West coast where the ocean eats the sun / We’ve known for a long time the end’s already come.” With “Legends of My Own,” Carrie Keith coolly laments, “I looked familiar in a foreign land / I couldn’t speak, but I could understand / From another life I rode / Into a desert of my own / And when I put my blanket down / I’m going to dream all over.” The band maps a dangerous California that bears little resemblance to Tinseltown fantasies.

There are many such moments on Dream All Over, deflating lyrical reversals that frame these plainspoken riddles with devastating regret and resignation, in the manner of all great country songs. “Worldly Way,” the new single they’re sharing today finishes with a desolate aphorism: “Oh world, what knowledge do you teach? / To grow a tail and chase it / Or sit awhile in grief.” With Dream All Over as their most refined album to date, Gun Outfit has perfected their sonic signature: a dusky, canyon-cult blues fueled by melodic dual-guitar weaving and seductive male/female incantations at zero hour.

Dream All Over track list

1. Gotta Wanna
2. Legends of My Own
3. Matters to a Head
4. Compromise
5. Angelino
6. Came to Be
7. Scorpios Vegas
8. Pass On Through
9. In Orbit
10. Blue Hour
11. Worldly Way
12. Only Ever Over