grouptherapy watercolor

grouptherapy, recently released a video for “watercolor,” the lead-single off their mixtape, there goes the neighborhood. The video, staring Jadagrace from the group, toes the line between fantasy and reality when you’re alone. Skillfully choreographed yet clearly vibing in her own world Jada dances like nobody is watching while making her way through an armoire of wardrobes. Blank stares at the end of the video from Koi and TJW, though show that she was, in fact, not the only person in the room.

Though a new collective, the grouptherapy. story stretches back 15 years having all met over various and serendipitous points of their lives through classes and TV/movie sets. “We were in the machine of child performers pretty much our whole lives, which is kind of a blessing and a curse,” TJW says now. “You have a lot of work experience and are really savvy and professional, but don’t go to a normal school so don’t have many friends.” By absconding the lives they lead before, the grouptherapy. collective found solace and respect in each other. They are friends and collaborators. Very little separates the two, hence the healing moniker they work under.


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