“Grip” by Tei Shi

Singer/songwriter and producer Tei Shi is back with lyric video for her latest single, “GRIP.” The single is the Canadian-Columbian’s first independent release and deals with her experiences and strained relationship with her labels at the time. The visual was directed by frequent collaborator Jonatán López depicts the literal chokehold Tei Shi was under as she was dealing with the exploitative facets of the music industry.

Arriving alongside today’s video, Tei Shi announces two intimate live dates in New York and Los Angeles. The first show will take place on Nov 19th at Baby’s All right and will be followed by a performance in Los Angeles at Zebulon on Dec. 1st.

Tei Shi shares, “This video came together at the very end of a long day of shooting, with only 4 minutes of film left. It was a last-minute idea inspired by a photography book Jonatán (the director) had gravitated towards throughout the day, and with only 20 minutes left at the studio, we decided to shoot it. We did it in one take. The video reads very much like a photograph, which is something I love because it allows for a lot of emotion to come through in such a still and simple frame. It’s almost like a painting to me. I feel like it puts the song in a more classic space and brings things out of it in a way that isn’t there with just the audio. The intimacy allowed me to get out some of the emotion I’d been holding back when it comes to this song…it’s very loaded for me. I love that it came together the way it did, it was a really magical few minutes.”

Tei Shi 2022 Tour Dates

11/1 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s Alright
12/1 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon

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