“Mountainside” Graham Van Pelt

"Mountainside" by Graham Van Pelt, is Northern Transmissions 'Song of the Day'.
"Mountainside" by Graham Van Pelt

Graham Van Pelt has shared his third single “Mountainside.” The track is off Van Pelt’s forthcoming release Time Travel, which comes out on October 19th via Arbutus Records. Van Pelt will be hitting the road, starting October 3rd in London, UK.

“I’d like to be as un-mysterious as I possibly can,” says Van Pelt. He’s about to release Time Travel, his first record in the four years since he moved from Montreal to Toronto, and he’s no longer Miracle Fortress, or Inside Touch, or any of the aliases he’s used to record over the years. He’s just Graham Van Pelt.

With the perspective of leaving a longtime home, of watching old friends change and familiar places become unrecognizable, came a recommitment to an emotional honesty in Van Pelt’s songwriting. Time Travel’s eight songs are a tangle of friendships and feelings. Moving backwards and forwards in time, they occupy a space of elegant melancholy.

Graham Van Pelt
Time Travel

01. New Friends
02. Release Yourself
03. Saving Grace
04. Out Of This World (Minimal Dub)
05. Vanishing Point
06. Time Travel
07. One Thing
08. Mountainside


10/03 Birthdays w/ Kllo London, United Kingdom
10/04 Arch Space w/ Kllo London, United Kingdom
10/06 HÄKEN w/ Kllo Hamburg, Germany
10/07 Ideal Bar w/ Kllo Copenhagen, Denmark
10/09 Musik & Frieden w/ Kllo Berlin, Germany
10/10 MeetFactory w/ Kllo Prague, Czech Republic
10/11 Rote Sonne w/ Kllo Munich, Germany
10/12 Exil w/ Kllo Zürich, Switzerland
10/13 Costello Club w/ Kllo Madrid, Spain
10/14 Dabadaba w/ Kllo San Sebastián, Spain
11/07 Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY
11/08 Deluxx Fluxx, Detroit, MI
11/11 Bar Datcha, Montreal, QC
11/16 Mills Hardware, Hamilton, ON
11/17 The Baby G, Toronto, ON
12/3 Mississippi Studios w/ Suuns Portland, OR
12/4 Sunset Tavern w/ Suuns Seattle, WA
12/6 Swedish American Hall w/ Suuns San Francisco, CA
12/7 The Ritz w/ Suuns San Jose, CA
12/8 Lodge Room w/ Suuns Los Angeles, CA
12/9 Soda Bar w/ Suuns San Diego, CA