“Goldmine” Human Love

"Goldmine" by Human Love is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. "Goldmine." is off the band's forthcoming Sonny DiPerri produced EP Black Void, out 7/10
"Goldmine" by Human Love

Human Love is the quartet, comprised of Emile Mosseri, David Baldwin, Erick Eiser, and Mark Demiglio. The band’s forthcoming release Black Void EP, will arrive on July 10th. “Goldmine” is a moody but urgent track, a perfect embodiment of the Human Love aesthetic. It unfolds in pulsating grooves and luminous melodies, its intensity amplified by David Baldwin and Mosseri’s mesmeric vocal work and surrealist lyrics, as well as orchestral elements showcasing the imagination and ingenuity Mosseri has brought to his scoring work.

Human Love on “Goldmine”:

“Goldmine is the song that inspired us to start Human Love. When the four of us are together, one of our favorite things to do is jam on one riff endlessly. To us this song conjures up a feeling of transition. When we first started writing it we were still in our previous band together, and by the time we finished it we had decided to start something new. It has a feeling of leaving something behind. Deciding to move away from what’s comfortable and familiar, and embrace the unknown.”

Human Love co-produced the EP with Sonny DiPerri who helped them redefine their sound and move into new sonic territory from their previous project The Dig. “In the past, one person would bring in an idea and we’d build everything from there, but now the process is so much more collaborative, with everyone bringing in their specific perspective to everything we make,” says Baldwin. “I think there’s something beautiful about us going in different directions and then coming back together like this,” Mosseri adds. “We’re taking what we’d explored on our own and feeding it back into this music, and pushing everything forward to create something completely new.”

Human Love
Black Void

1. Black Void
2. Goldmine
3. Lemon Dove
4. Pomona


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