Gold Lake Do ‘Love’ For Amnesty International

Gold Lake Cover the 'Love' song "Alone Again Or" For Amnesty International. The song also features members of Sufjan Stevens. The National, Here we Go Magic

Brooklyn via Madrid band Gold Lake have released a new live video of  “Alone Again Or” (Love Cover) for Amnesty International. As long time fans of Amnesty International’s efforts and work, the band recorded the cover to raise awareness for the organization with hopes of reaching as many young music fans as possible in order to bring them closer to Amnesty International’s message.

In a statement to Amnesty International, Gold Lake singer Lua explained “for a while now we had been wanting to add our little grain of sand to [Amnesty International’s] amazing work and up until now hadn’t quite known how we could do so, seeing as we agree with so many of their campaigns. And after such a crazy summer, where so many refugees and migrant people were fleeing towards Europe from the horror they were facing in their countries only to find a wall of lack of comprehension and empathy, we thought we could invest some of our time and resources in trying to create something to give voice to our thoughts about this whole situation. And so, we invited our friends to record a cover of one of our all-time favorite songs, written at a time where bands would raise their voice against things they thought were wrong. The song we chose is the marvelous “Alone Again Or”, by the incredible band, Love.”

To record the cover, Gold Lake teamed up with friends of various bands including Pico Alt (Sufjan Stevens) on violin, Kyle Resnick (Beirut, The National) on trumpet, Steve Mertens (Here We Go Magic, Moldy Peaches) on bass and Carleigh Aikins (Bahamas) on vocals.

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