“Glue” by Sunglaciers

Ahead of their North American tour in support of album Subterranea (now out via Mothland), Evan Resnik and Mathieu Blanchard (the pair behind Sunglaciers) are sharing the new video for album track “Glue”, a 90s inspired song that shows off an entirely different side of Sunglaciers’ sonic personality, merging triumphant Walkmen-esque trumpets with a ripping guitar solo from Chad VanGaalen.

“The bulk of this album came together during the pandemic and the changing of gears that we had to do,” says Resnik. “I was out of work and Mathieu was working half as much as usual, so we had lots of time on our hands. We flipped a switch and started playing music everyday. It’s a good indicator of how we were writing at the time while we wrapped our heads around some new gear and saw what came out of it. Essentially, we took all of our favourite musical tendencies and put them together. We were listening to a lot of McCartney II at the time and loved how eclectic it was, which led to us mirroring that vibe.”

Of the video, directed by Resnik, he says, “The simplistic lyrics of ‘Glue’ disguise underlying themes of possession, decay, and expectation. The pressures we feel from the outside mutate into something we perceive to be coming from within, endlessly pursuing things we don’t need, or even want, while trudging through existence. But it works the other way too – misinterpreting the outside world to fit our egoistic desires. It’s about transcending these burdens and moving on without a care in the world. In the video I played around with these ideas using echoes, mirroring, and general fucking around. I haven’t done many videos so I’m learning a lot and having fun. It’s a psychotic frenzy, but there’s some beauty in there.”

Sunglaciers 2022 Tour Dates

Sep 24 – Calgary, AB
Sep 28 – Eugene, OR
Sep 29 – Portland, OR
Oct 01 – Los Angeles, CA
Oct 02 – San Diego, CA
Oct 03 – Long Beach, CA
Oct 05 – Seattle, WA
Oct 07 – Vancouver, BC
Oct 08 – Victoria, BC
Oct 22 – Edmonton, AB
Nov 04 – Toronto, ON
Nov 05 – Windsor, ON
Nov 07 – Chicago, IL
Nov 09 – Cleveland, OH
Nov 10 – Philadelphia, PA
Nov 11 – New York, NY
Nov 14 – Washington, DC
Nov 15 – Boston, MA
Nov 17-19 – Montreal, QC – M For Montreal

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