Girl Tears share new tracks

Girl Tears share new songs "Sedated" and "Uneasy", the tracks are off their album 'Woke Against The Tide'.

The Los Angeles/Orange County punk trio Girl Tears has mastered the art of the three-chord attack, delivering volatile blasts to the point of fury. Four tours and 100+ shows later, playing art spaces, houses, DiY venues, bars, barns, backyards, basements, and everything in between.

“Woke Against The Tide wrestles with themes of Love/Hate, Good/Evil – and in particular – the space between these polarizing ideas. “Cold Thoughts” and “Uneasy” personify the album’s conflict. There are hooks, melody and structure, but also a bit of chaos built on a more complex arrangement that’s constantly shifting and evolving, much like the band themselves”.

Whereas their debut Tension was more a discovery, Woke Against The Tide is more abstract. It creates a dense and unforgiving experience, really challenging the listener to keep up.

Upcoming Tour Dates
08.20 – Long Beach, CA – Ashley’s
08.29 – Fullerton, CA – The Continental w/ Band Aparte, Vaguess, Prettiest Eyes
09.08 – Fullerton, CA – Programme Skate Shop w/ No Side

Girl Tears
Woke Against The Tide
(LP, Cassette + Digital)
Out October 28th

Track List:

1. Sedated
2. Demons
3. You Remember
4. Rotting
5. Your Eyes
6. Voices
7. Empty
8. Cold Thoughts
9. Panic Attack
10. Coup De Grâce
11. Nerves
12. Uneasy
13. Mere Ornaments
14. I’m Unaware
15. Denial
16. For You
17. Possessive
18. Lost Love