Gigawatts announces schedule

Gigawatts Festival 2015 Announces Set Times, Performances by Black Lips, Braid, Dances, Cerebral Ballzy, Boytoy, and more.

Brooklyn’s Gigawatts Festival is coming up next weekend, July 24th-26th, with over 80 bands performing at The Wick, The Well, and the newly-opened Our Wicked Lady. This year’s headliners are Black Lips, Anamanaguchi, and Braid, and other acts include A Place To Bury Strangers, Liturgy, Cerebral Ballzy, Swearin’, Miniature Tigers, White Mystery, and Ava Luna. Set times for the festival have just been released — see below for the full three-day schedule.

Both single day tickets and 3-day passes are on sale now and can be picked up outside of The Well beginning at noon on Friday, July 24th.


The Well:
4:30pm: Journalism
5:30pm: Celestial Shore
6:30pm: Amanda X
7:30pm: A Place To Bury Strangers
8:30pm: Black Lips

The Wick:
5pm: Cosmonaut
6pm: Rivergazer
7pm: Paperhaus
8pm: Palehound
9pm: Gingerlys
10pm: Liturgy
11pm: Cerebral Ballzy

Our Wicked Lady:
4:15pm: Secret Crush
5pm: Huffers
5:45pm: Parlor Walls
6:30pm: O-Face
7:15pm: Acid Dad
8:15pm: Bambara
9:15pm: Vulture Shit
10:15pm: Surfbort
11:15pm: Heaven’s Gate


The Well:
12:30pm: Forever Lesbians
1:30pm: Motion Studies
2:30pm: Madam West
3:30pm: Maxo
4:30pm: Sizzy Rocket
5:30pm: Jack + Eliza
6:30pm: Potty Mouth
7:30pm: Miniature Tigers
8:30pm: Anamanaguchi

The Wick:
1pm: Larry + The Babes
2pm: Sofa Club
3pm: Piers
4pm: Shark?
5pm: Eula
6pm: The Bottom Dollars
7pm: Quarterbacks
8pm: Honduras
9pm: The Mystery Lights
10pm: Pile
11pm: Ava Luna

Our Wicked Lady:
12:15pm: Whiskey Bitches
1:15pm: Hounds Basket
2:15pm: Lame
3:15pm: Bugs In The Dark
4:15pm: Retail
5:15pm: Warn The Duke
6:15pm: The Gradients
7:15pm: Jangula
8:15pm: Shapes
9:15pm: Mannequin Pussy
10:15pm: Future Punx
11:15pm: Slonk Donkerson


The Well:
12:30pm: Adult Dude
1:30pm: Desert Sharks
2:30pm: TBA
3:30pm: Chumped
4:30pm: Beach Slang
5:30pm: Cheap Girls
6:30pm: Laura Stevenson
7:30pm: Swearin’
8:30pm: Braid

The Wick:
1pm: The Yin Yangs
3pm: Matty Rico
4pm: Cold Fronts
5pm: By Surprise
6pm: Ludlow Ejacula
7pm: Dances
8pm: LODRO
9pm: Dirty Fences
10pm: White Mystery
11pm: Dom

Our Wicked Lady:
12:15pm: Big Neck Police
1:15pm: Gold Dime
2:15pm: Palm
3:15pm: Banned Books
4:15pm: Dan Friel
5:15pm: Zula
6:15pm: Giant Claw
7:15pm: Show Me The Body
8:15pm: Horse Lords
9:15pm: Guardian Alien
10:15pm: Guerilla Toss

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