Ghostpoet releases video for new single

Ghostpoet releases new video for his single "Be Right Back, Moving House". The track is Taken from his latest release Shedding Skin

Ghostpoet is celebrating the festive season with a new video for current single “Be Right Back, Moving House”. The track arrives after run of arena shows with alt-J and The Horrors. Taken from his third album Shedding Skin.

Directed by SBlood, who says; “the video is about every person’s struggle to achieve what they want, being trapped in the machine and the boredom of never ending routine. The track and the idea were a perfect fit, lyrically giving me an image of a man climbing an endless set of stairs, one step at a time. The idea was to create a dream-like sense to the video, influenced by the art of MC Escher and Japanese Anime artist Satoshi Kon”.