“Get Out Of LA” by zzzahara

Los Angeles Multi-artist zzzahara has shared a new song, “get out of la,” alongside a video. The new track is taken from their forthcoming debut album as a solo artist, out later this year on Lex Records.

“”get out of la” is my representation about my frustrations with growing up and living in Los Angeles, zzzahara says. Different walks of life coming in and out of the city all year long. People discovering themselves and going full survival mode to get to where they want to be. Some of those people become lost and forget who they are, often burning bridges and shoving their way to the top. I think I just got annoyed with all that noise and wanted to be surrounded by people who are genuine and chill. I got tired of dating people who constantly compared themselves to everyone here when the secret sauce is to be your own unique self. I guess re-inventing yourself could be cool, but just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not hurting others.”

The song was written in Collin Davis’ (Ynes Mon) bedroom. He produced the track and I wrote the lyrics/vocal melody. I think it was a pivotal moment in both of our songwriting skills because we had been writing tracks together for about a year before we started on ‘get out of la’ so the musical chemistry was all there. I also phoned up my friend Dillon Olmedo to play bass on the track. He absolutely killed the bass line. Then phoned up my friend Josh Trevizo who is an amazing jazz drummer. Josh slayed the drums. I’ve played with both of them a bunch over the last few years so it felt right to have them on this amazing track.”

Born to Filipino and Mexican parents and raised in Highland Park where they still reside, zzzahara is the moniker of queer songwriter and guitarist Zahara Jaime. Growing up in Los Angeles, they felt disconnected from Southern California’s predominantly straight white male rock scene and discovered making music as a way to process the experience of living in an ever-gentrifying city. They became the touring guitarist for Eyedress aka Idris Vicuña in 2018, which spawned the collaborative duo The Simps, who released their Siblings LP earlier this year. Following their solo debut EP Simp. Wave in 2021, zzzahara signed to Lex Records and put the finishing touches on their forthcoming debut album, a collection of songs about queerness, love, lust, absurdism and feeling lost that trace their stylistic and emotional evolution from childhood through present day.

ZZZAHARA 2022 Tour Dates

June 24 Crystal Cavern Oakland, CA
July 15 The Smell Los Angeles, CA

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