Germany Germany Debuts “On Your Own” + “Run

Germany Germany Debuts "On Your Own" + "Run. "Reconnect" the full length from "Germany Germany" is now out.

Germany Germany is the electronic music project of Victoria, Canada resident Drew Harris. Drew crafts his unique sound by combining electric guitars, buzzy synths and treated vocals into an auditory landscape. Drew is a do-it-yourself enthusiast and is passionate about building his sound independently from beginning to end, maintaining a clear vision of the outcome. Germany Germany attempts to combine lo-fi with hi-fi to create infectious, heartfelt pop music. Reconnect, the third Germany Germany full-length album, was created while Drew was living in Victoria (Canada), Ottawa (Canada) and Brooklyn and is inspired by travel, love, distance, friendship and loss.

1. On Your Own
2. 1978
3. Ennui
4. Bright Lights
5. Crusher
6. All Of Your Love ft. Kotomi
7. Run ft. Brothertiger
8. _interlude_
9. Frost
10. Visions
11. Autumnal
12. Reconnect
13. Becoming Human
14. Run ft. Brothertiger (reprise)

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