GENTLE FRIENDLY Give Away Free ‘Rrides’ EP

GENTLE FRIENDLY sign to FatCat Records & give away free 'Rrides' EP, featuring new track 'Autumn Nite', taken from their upcoming album.

Operating with an austrere setup of a Casio keyboard, vocals and drums (sometimes electronic) the band push against the pop boundary and have been compared to Health, Ponytail and FatCat alumni No Age. New track ‘Autumn Nite’ showcases the band as more than the sum of these parts, incorporating warped and distorted keyboards, urgent yet strangely mournful vocals and propulsive drums into a song which could only be Gentle Friendly’s.

This is what the band themselves have to say about the EP:
“History is a circle so here’s seven songs of the past/future/present of Gentle Friendly. From the ones we finished this year for our new record to the ones that got lost along the way, these songs are where we are, were and will be as a band in 2014 – it feels like we’ve come a huge long way. Sing new songs over the old ones. Happy new year!”

‘Autumn Nite’ is previously unreleased and taken from the forthcoming album, to be released by FatCat Records.
‘You Are The Brother’ is previously unreleased.
‘RIP Static’, ‘Vincentt’ and ‘Clean Breaker’ all appear on the album ‘Ride Slow’ (Upset The Rhythm, 2009)
‘Speakers’ appears on the album ‘Rrrrrrr’ (Upset The Rhythm, 2011)
Ride Symbols is taken from the Night Tape EP, released by No Pain in Pop

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