Gabriels The Blind

Gabriels are an LA based group made up of singer Jacob Lusk and producers Ari Balouzian and Ryan Hope. “Love and Hate in a Different Time” is their latest release which is accmpanied short film devised and directed by band member Ryan. Gabriels debut EP Love and Hate in a Different Time EP is due out on December 4th.

If you’re new the world of Gabriels then ‘Love and Hate in a Different Time’ is a perfect introduction to their genre-bending aesthetic. Melding soulful funk with raw emotion derived from the truth of gospel, the bands captivating sound is brimming with intimacy and honesty which is impeccably delivered via the natural talent oozing from Jacobs voice. Combined with the impactful visuals that are so pivotal to their message.

Next up is “The Blind”. A song for our times. A message of hope and ambition amongst a quagmire of inequality and global injustices (compounded by fake news) that lead to individual despair. You must look within to break free of restrictions or barriers holding you back. The video, again directed by Ryan Hope, gives a double aspect view of an individuals’ experience. What one human is going through emotionally can so easily be witnessed by another without any.

“The Blind is a song about why people can’t see a truth that is right in front of them. The idea of the song is asking the simple questions of why the caged bird sings and why do we tolerate abuses in whatever lane of life we are in. While it has heartbreak at the heart of it – we wanted it to empower people to take a deeper look at themselves, trust their instincts, and remove themselves from anything that isn’t serving them, whatever that may be, drawing a parallel with the destructive nature of the entertainment industry.”