G Streams Debut EP ‘Copy/Hide’

G, the collaboration between Jimmy Giannopoulos and Genevieve, stream their 'Copy/Hide' EP

G is the project of producer Jimmy Giannopoulos, who in the last year has produced records for LOLAWOLF, MOTHXR and Lissy Trullie, and is also a member of Reputante (Cult Records).

Copy | Hide is a collaboration between Jimmy and Genevieve, whose debut solo EP “Show Your Colors” (Wind-up) will be released on March 10th. Copy | Hide also features Tim Sandusky (saxophone/engineering) and Darren Will (bass).

Jimmy, on making the record: “Using turntables, scratching up tape, noise and melody. Really digging into what made me fall for artists like Edan & J Dilla while having Genevieve splash paint over it.”

To Genevieve, “K Queen” is “about that sweet suspension between adolescence and adulthood when I played kick the can with my friends in the city streets after school before the sun went down and the creeps came out…it’s a mysterious time in life because you want to enjoy the freedom and innocence of youth, get into trouble / cause a harmless ruckus and yet there’s always something coming around the corner: responsibilities, danger, night time, the unknown…”

Genevieve’s debut solo EP Show Your Colors is a collection of five songs featuring the new single “Colors” releases on March 10th.


01. K Queen
02. Move
03. Dirty Dress
04. Outer Space
05. Why She Stays Out



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