Future Death Announce LP ‘Special Victim’

Future Death Announce Debut LP 'Special Victim', New Track "Basements" The album will be released on May 27th via Blood Moss Records.

From swirling, tumultuous outbursts to pummeling destruction, the controlled chaos that is Future Death is ready to be unleashed in 2014. The first track from the album “Basements,” debuted today.

Stripping everything to the bone, the band’s creative process is heavily linked to impulse as they capture their feelings organically and in the moment while leaving little room for conceptualization. The Austin-based band formed in 2012 and released their debut EP in the summer of 2013.

Special Victim, their forthcoming debut full-length on Bloodmoss Records, was recorded and mixed by This Will Destroy You’s Alex Bhore in a funeral-home-turned-studio owned by producer John Congleton. With the creative tools at hand, Future Death took a bright, explosive approach on Special Victim. Like the band’s overall creative process, the concept of impulse is apparent throughout album itself.

Special Victim Tracklisting

01. Riot Trains
02. Junkhammer
03. Basements
04. Speedweed
05. Transparent
06. Roman Devices
07. Dream
08. Post-Everything
09. Killer
10. Cornered



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