FURTHER share unseen “Filling Station” video

California's lo-fi pioneers, FURTHER, share unseen "Filling Station" video ... Where Were You Then? Compilation out September 1st on Bad Paintings records

Further, the 90s band that inspired the DIY, lo-fi sound that dominates Southern California and beyond, have shared the previously unseen video for ‘Filling Station‘, originally made in 1992.

“The video was lost for a few years,” explains the band’s Brent Rademaker. “The director Darren Lavett was also the founder of Christmas Records he just wanted to film a typical day in the life of Further, ending up at rehearsal… It’s a bit of a surreal version of our lives. Darren passed away last year. This was the one that started it all I guess…” Watch it below…

The track comes from new Further compilation, Where Were You Then? released on 1st September via Bad Paintings. The LP chronologically compiles Further’s best singles, all remastered from the original vinyl.

The History of Further:

Overdosing on weed, surfing and Dinosaur Jr’s “You’re Living All Over Me,” Further was started by four guys half outta spite and half outta their minds. Formed by The Rademaker brothers (now the driving forces behind Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde) along with drummer Kevin Fitzgerald, they recruited a young San Gabriel valley guitarist named Josh Schwartz and flat out turned down major label offers, opting to release their debut 7″ Filling Station on Bongload Records (home of Beck’s Loser 12”).

For their next release, the band and good friend and filmmaker Darren J Lavett started Christmas Records. The band impressed Alan McGee with their “fuck it” attitude and signed on to the Creation Records’ umbrella label, Ball Product, to issue their next LP in the UK.

The highlight of Further’s touring came when Lou Barlow and Sebadoh took the band out on tour just to spite Lou’s ex-bandmate J Mascis. Further had a knack of exploding into Dinosaur Jr’s sonic territory, and at the time Lou believed it would get J’s goat to have them out as his support act. Even when asked by the NME if he had anything to say to J Mascis, Lou smugly replied “ever heard Further?” After splitting up, the Rademaker brothers along with Josh went on to form the now legendary bands, Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde, respectively and Kevin Fitzgerald went on to become the drummer for the Circle Jerks.

Where Were You Then? chronologically compiles the best of Further’s singles, and gives us chance to look back at a band that cared enough not to sell indie rock down the river, and didn’t care enough to bring a paddle.


1. Filing Station
2. Over And Out
3. Generic 7
4. She Lives By The Castle 2
5. Surfing Pointers
6. Califirnia Bummer
7. Quiet Riot Grrrl
8. Springfiled Mods
9. Spheres of Influence
10. Wett Katt
11. I Wanna Be A Stranger
12. Be That As It May
13. Grandview Skyline


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