“Fulfilling Romance” by TEDDY

TEDDY have shared their single “Fulfilling Romance”. The new release will be accompanied by a 7” vinyl issue of ‘Fulfilling Romance’ out on December 11 with an exclusive, vinyl-only track, ‘Lovebirds’, and a TEDDY Single Launch Party on December 16 at Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, East London.

“Fulfilling Romance” finds TEDDY fine-tuning their alternately lustrous and throbbing electronic pop with dissections of both the personal and the universal. Whilst the whip-smart sardonic wit of ‘Happy Tim’ found the London 3-piece mounting a takedown of the insular, bigoted lifestyle of a young city slicker, ‘Fulfilling Romance’ finds Tom Falle and Eddy Bailhache turning their lens onto an altogether more personal consideration.

With Falle’s experience of coming out to his parents aged 14 at its core, the track swings between self-acceptance coupled with a defiant response to heteronormativity: “I’m a man, and I’m a queen / and that’s the way it’s always been” and the grim reality of failing, fleeting romances: “will you leave early in the morning / wipe your face, hear solitude calling?” Speaking about the track, Falle says: “In many senses it preaches the predictable, that it’s okay to be gay. But it also says it’s okay to be gay and wear a rugby shirt.”

TEDDY is the product of a life-long friendship between Falle and Bailhache, born within a week of each other on an island close to the coast of Normandy, France. Although separating for university, it was eventually a letter Tom received from Eddy, with tongue fully in cheek, on headed Oxford University paper, which prompted Tom to leave his degree unused and pursue all things TEDDY in London. Several distinctly Withnail & I living arrangements soon followed, including a mid-renovation residence on Bow Road, where the arrival of half a dozen builders was the precursor to an entire ceiling collapse in the pair’s practice room (“one cymbal crash too many” laughs Tom) which forced the pair to share a single room, “whilst watching water drip down the light fittings, filming it all by candlelight.” TEDDY now spend their studio hours in a dark crypt, where they come to confess their sins of dirty discos, techno nights and terrible Tinder dates over coffee.

12 December LONDON Birthdays Presents (supporting Sarah P)
16 December LONDON Servant Jazz Quarters (Single Launch TEDDY Party)