Free EP/Brooklyn Gig – Bruiser Brigade feat. Danny Brown

Today our friends at Scion a/v and Fool’s Gold release a 4-track EP of new music from Detroit’s musically and stylistically trailblazing rap group, Bruiser Brigade.The release is available as a free download.

Formed by microphone hero Danny Brown, the Bruiser Brigade (an MC collective featuring Brown, Dopehead, CHIP$, Chavis Chandler,TrplBlk Mandingo, Zelooperz and in-house producer SKYWLKR) skillfully mash gritty Detroit street narratives and absurd, tongue-twisting pop culture references over innovative, neck-snapping beats. Their debut tracks “Errrthang” and “Jooky” are a perfect introduction to the Bruiser vibe, with Danny and Dopehead slinging razor-sharp lines over SKYWLKR’s haunted house bass drums. Remixes by underground favorites Ryan Hemsworth and Lockah round out the release, with the two producers taking the tracks in wild, experimental directions.

On Wednesday night in Brooklyn, the Bruisers will be celebrating with a free release party at The Paper Box (17 Meadow Street). The whole crew will be performing alongside Flatbush Zombies, Kitty Pryde and more. RSVP


1. Errthang feat. Danny Brown, Dopehead & SKYWLKR

2. Jooky feat. Danny Brown, Dopehead & SKYWLKR

3. Errthang feat. Danny Brown, Dopehead & SKYWLKR (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

4. Jooky feat. Danny Brown, Dopehead & SKYWLKR (Lockah Remix)