“Foutre le bordel” by La Femme

"Foutre le bordel" by La Femme is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Foutre le bordel" by La Femme

La Femme have their new single “Foutre le bordel,” which Translates as “to make a mess” or “to wreak havoc”, and is off their forthcoming release Paradigmes, available April 2nd, via Disque Pointu.

Of the track the band says:

“We think the song reflects well the image of La Femme and we are happy we finally managed to do it with this particular fast and nervous track, which is made to revitalise a party at any moment! The kind of song that we look forward to playing on stage!”

Alongside the recent singles ‘Paradigme’, ‘Cool Colorado’ and ‘Disconnexion’, ‘Foutre le bordel’ provides a taste of the huge scope that La Femme cover within the Paradigmes album. It offers a shift in how we see the world, a psychedelic vortex to a more vibrant dimension. It’s a retrofuturistic set of beautifully-curated electro-pop that echoes everything from coldwave to yé-yé, Kraftwerk to The Velvet Underground, all distilled into La Femme’s sound.

Paradigmes also represents an evolution in La Femme’s approach. The album is their first to be entirely self-produced and released on their own Disque Pointu label, in association with the French independent music distributor IDOL.

The heart of La Femme is the two songwriters who started the band together, Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée. They’re joined for live shows by the masterful rhythm section of Sam Lefevre (bass) and Noé Delmas (drums) alongside a host of guest vocalists and musicians. As ever, those artists remain enigmatically unnamed.

La Femme

Le sang de mon prochain
Cool Colorado
Foutre le bordel
Lâcher de chevaux
Force & Respect
Divine créature
Mon ami
Le jardin
Tu’ten lasses


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