Foreign Body Sensation Stream New LP

Foreign Body Sensation are streaming their new album The Echo is in Code
Foreign Body Sensation stream their new album The Echo is in Code

The Echo is in Code is the debut full-length by Foreign Body Sensation plays. The album is influenced by a number of great electronica artists, including Morton Subotnik, Morton Feldman, Olivier Messiaen, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Pauline Olivieros, Laurie Anderson, Haxan Cloak, David Behrman, even Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

The album’s lead-single, “Ventilator,” which wraps the shattered vocals of multifaceted artist, producer, writer & composer Keeley Bumford (who is the driving force behind More Giraffes and Dresage in addition to having her voice featured on various television and film soundtracks) around a minimalist, “Switched On” trap house soundscape.

Foreign Body Sensation is the work of Louie Schultz. A classically-trained musician, Schultz refined his pop sensibilities in the bands Army Navy and Nightjacket. While Foreign Body Sensation obliquely utilizes pop economics, ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????? was born more from the skills Schultz has honed as a music editor and composer, collaborating with the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh, Cliff Martinez, Terrance Blanchard, and Paul Haslinger. In fact, it was while working with Haslinger — a former member of Tangerine Dream — that Schultz turned full force to his love of analog synthesizers (he claims to now have a collection of around 40 synths at his disposal). Fickle, yet capable of generating an almost endless array of textures and sounds, Schultz took his time not only discovering the unique capabilities of each machine, but integrating them into his compositional process. In some cases, many of the pieces that became ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???????????????? had lingered for 5 years or longer — each new discovery tempting a brand new series of compositions. Eventually, Schultz found the right combination of ambient and discordant pieces, judiciously experimenting until they weren’t simply washed out or noisy, but imbued with deliberate momentum.

Foreign Body Sensation
The Echo is in Code
Track List

Destroy Date 1
Innumerable Dreams in Which I Could Fly
Destroy Date 2
Iridescent Oil Slick Rainbow
Violence of the Sun
Solitary Confinement

Preorder the limited cassette (seafoam green – ltd to 50), HERE.

Pre-save link to the digital album on major streaming platforms, HERE.


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