Flying Lotus Reveals New Version of Flamagra

Flying Lotus announces instrumental version of 'Flamagra'
Flying Lotus 'Flamagra'

Since the release of his album Flamagra, Flying Lotus aka Stephen Ellison, has returned with a new version of the full-length Flamagra (Instrumentals) out May 29th on Warp. “Black Balloons Reprise” (Instrumental) comes as the lead single.

Whereas the original album featured a dream cast of vocal collaborators, this project places the masterful arrangements, electronics and musicianship at the forefront – a treasured peak under the hood of one of today’s most consistently innovative producers. Flying Lotus the bandleader brings a nexus of generation-defining Los Angeles players into his transcendent vision.

In order of appearance: Ellison himself on keys and machines, Thundercat, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Brandon Coleman, Justin Brown, Dennis Hamm, Taylor Graves, Ronald Bruner, Herbie Hancock, Deantoni Parks, and Robert Glasper all contribute. And typically for Lotus, there are surprises in store in the strictly limited edition vinyl pressing that includes animated labels and an exclusive animated slipmat by Winston Hacking and Drew Tetz in the package.

Flying Lotus
Flamagra (Instrumentals)

A1. Heroes
A2. Post Requisite
A3. Heroes In A Half Shell
A4. More (Instrumental)
A5. Capillaries
A6. Burning Down The House (Instrumental)
A7. Spontaneous (Instrumental)
B1. Takashi
B2. Pilgrim Side Eye
B3. All Spies
B4. Yellow Belly (Instrumental)
B5. Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
C1. Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
C2. Inside Your Home
C2. Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
C3. Andromeda
C5. Remind U
C6. Say Something
C7. Debbie Is Depressed
C8. Find Your Own Way Home
D1. The Climb (Instrumental)
D2. Pygmy
D3. 9 Carrots (Instrumental)
D4. FF4
D5. Land Of Honey (Instrumental)
D6. Thank U Malcolm
D7. Hot Oct.