Flume “Holdin On” Jezzabell Doran” Video

Twenty year-old Australian producer Flume just returned to Sydney after playing his first US shows last month at CMJ. Before diving into all that’s happening now for this young beatmaker, let’s go back to Flume at age 13, when he got his first taste of production by finding a music production program in a cereal box. This discovery began his obsessions with all things synthetic, and started his addiction for plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analogue hardware. Taking a no-holds-barred attitude to music creation, Flume learned to find inspiration in a wide variety of sources and scenes, distilling his sound into a melodic bass heavy style that is uniquely his own.

Flume’s self-titled debut, Flume, will be out digitally on November 9th via Future Classic with an official physical release slated for early next year. You can listen to an album teaser below.