Fleece stream forthcoming release ‘Voyager’

Fleece stream forthcoming release 'Voyager'.

Fleece will release their new album Voyager on January 19th, 2017 via their own Fleece Music imprint. Today, the band is streaming the full-length. The band will play release shows at Montreal’s La Sala Rossa on January 20th (Facebook event) and Toronto’s Silver Dollar on February 3rd.

Voyager was recorded from February to June 2016 with Patrick McDowall. “The album sees Fleece expand on their psychedelic-rock and jazz sound palate while experimenting with the synthesis, auxiliary percussion, strings, flutes, and even more vocal harmonies. Most songs were brought to the table by keyboardist Matthew Rogers, and later arranged with bassist Gabe Miller and drummer Ethan Soil who helped bring each song to life.

Voyager is a personal recount from Rogers travelling back in time to speak to his teenage self, specifically about living as a teenager in the closet. Throughout the time-travelling journey of Voyager, Rogers is trying to further extend his personal recount to listeners out there who feel lost, lonely, and misunderstood. While the story of Voyager has many cathartic elements to it, the album is meant to take the listener on a beautiful, yet exciting musical journey”.


Under The Light
On My Mind
What You’ve Done
Voyager (By The Sea)
Fried Eggs
You Are You
Fix It Together