Fine Times Stream Full ‘Bad Better’ EP

Fine Times Stream Full 'Bad Better' EP,

“I unabashedly love pop music,” explains Fine Times singer Matthew Moldowan. “I couldn’t consider doing anything else.” This, in a nutshell, explains the Vancouver duo’s reason for being. Longtime friends Moldowan and bassist Jeffrey Josiah Powell have been collaborating since 2010. Their debut self-titled album came out on Light Organ Records in 2012.

Now, Fine Times has filled batch of songs recorded with The Zolas’ Tom Dobrzanski at his Monarch Studios. With mixing by Dave Bascombe (Charli XCX, Depeche Mode), the songs blend melodies with an undercurrent of lyrical darkness, seamlessly incorporating synth-spiked new wave, bass-blasted industrial pop and bubbly dance-rock.

“We really wanted to get the songs as short as possible,” Moldowan says. “Those are the kind of pop songs that I like. Get in, get out.”