filous debuts “How Hard I Try”

filous debuts his new video for the single "How Hard I Try," ft: James Hersey, from his forthcoming EP 'Dawn'

Eighteen year old Austrian producer filous, has released the video for “How Hard I Try,” the lead single from his debut EP Shaded In, the EP comes out July 17 via Good Life Music. The track also features James Hersey.

filous is known for his remixes of RAC’s “Tear You Down,” Jose Gonzales’ “Heartbeats” and and Damien Jurado’s “Ohio”.

Beginning his music education at the age of 10, filous taught himself to play the bass, guitar and piano before moving on to the harmonica, accordion, didgeridoo and many more—learned entirely from YouTube tutorials. At age 16 he created the moniker filous, meaning “rascal” in French, to release his remixes online. Breaking the mold of the traditional electronic artist, with the exception of the kick drum every instrument heard on the Dawn EP was played and recorded acoustically by filous himself.

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