Field Music remixes Dutch Uncles’ “Nomento”

Dutch Uncles get remixed by Field Music

The Manchester-based math pop group Dutch Uncles get remixed by fellow pop-eccentrics Field Music. David Brewis of Field Music adds vocal flourishes and a slew of synth sounds to Dutch Uncles’ “Nomento.”

STREAM: “Nomento” (Field Music Remix)

Dutch Uncles’ new album Out Of touch In The Wild comes out April 2 on Memphis Industries.

Dutch Uncles
Out of Touch In The Wild
(Memphis Industries)
Street Date: April 2nd, 2013

Track List:

1. Pondage

2. Bellio

3. Fester

4. Godboy

5. Threads

6. Flexxin

7. Zug Zwang

8. Phaedra

9. Nometo

10. Brio

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