Fiancé announce debut EP out October 7 on SQE

Fiancé announce debut EP1 out October 7 on SQE

Fiancé will release their debut EP, titled EP1, on October 7 via SQE. The EP will be available digitally and on vinyl via SQE. Fiancé recently premiered their video for “Era” which was directed by Jonathan Keegan. Fiancé has a hometown record release show which will take place on September 19 at the Homegrown Cafe in Newark, Delaware. Later this fall, the band will travel to the UK for several shows including a performance at Club NME on October 10.

Newark is a small city in Delaware, home to a little more than 30,000 people, a university and a burgeoning music scene. Most notably, though, it’s the birthplace of Fiancé, a four-piece experimental pop group who are bringing their local vibe to a grander level. The band’s members have been friends since grade school, always playing in and out of bands together over the years as they grew up. In January of 2013, Andrew Fusca, Jeff Marvel and Tyler Yoder got together and started a new project they dubbed Fiancé. The idea behind the group was vague, with the only goal to make music together that they all enjoyed. The band’s first song, a surging, static-laced indie rock number called “Division” was released last March and quickly got picked up by several music blogs.

By June, the band had added local Delaware musician Brian Bruce on the drums. Based in a big farmhouse in Newark where the musicians have lived over the past few years, Fiancé have established themselves as a local staple. They helped to cultivate the music scene by hosting parties and shows at their house, highlighting DJ’s and bands from the tri-sate area.

The house also doubles as Fiancé’s recording studio. The musicians wrote the five tracks on their debut EP, titled EP 1, over the course of last summer and fall. Produced by Andrew and engineered by friend Ryan Williams, the entire EP was recorded to quarter inch tape on a Tascam 388 tape machine. The tape adds to the gauzy, fuzzed out aesthetic that threads throughout the songs. Their friend Rachel K. Haines added her vocals to the end of the track “Climb the Stairs.”

The group is currently translating the aesthetic on their EP into a full-length album. For them, the EP is a hint at where Fiancé will go next, but not necessarily a complete indication. “Our goal is to write songs that are meaningful to us,” Jeff says. “If our songs can impact other people in a positive way, then that’s great. But our true goals are more selfish than that. We want to write songs that are more honest then anything we’ve done before, ones that resonate with ourselves.”

Fiancé EP1 Track List

2. July
3. Climb The Stairs

5. Another Year

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