“Fell In Love In Brasil” By Jevon

"Fell In Love In Brasil" By Jevon is Northern Transmissions Song the Day.
"Fell In Love In Brasil" By Jevon

Jevon, recently released his debut album, Fell In Love In Brasil (now out via Platoon). The album has been over three years (but also a lifetime) in the making. Jevon grew up on the Mozart Estate in North West London (even playing for a short period for QPR), with the vinyl collection he inherited from his Brazilian grandfather when he passed away leaving a lasting impact. As Jevon completed work on previous release, Spirits & Chaos EP, he found himself increasingly obsessed by latin, bossa nova, disco, samba and the Brazilian legends he’d inherited. Jevon knew that this music was part of him, and that this is what his debut album needed to be. So began a journey of self-discovery, multiple trips back and forth to an at-times-extreme political climate (Jair Bolsanaro was on the verge of being elected), and a deeper exploration of Jevon’s heritage…

There is, already, quite the heritage to unpack. For some time now, Jevon has found himself an anchor beneath the surface of British rap; helping to cultivate the styles that have made it so envious worldwide, and building up the West African and Caribbean influences that now define UK pop. He was lead producer on XL Recordings’ ‘New Gen’ compilation, working alongside artists like WSTRN, Ray BLK, Stefflon Don and Yxng Bane; not to mention producing for Nines’ critically acclaimed debut album ‘One Foot Out’; and most recently, Pa Salieu’s Send Them To Coventry mixtape.