“Farm” by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Ahead of the release of their new self-titled album, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, due out June 2nd from Run For Cover Records (Horse Jumper Of Love, Narrow Head, Turnover), and today the project of enigmatic songwriter Adam McIlwee is back with one more taste of the expansive album: “Farm,” follows previous singles “Moving Without Movement” and “It’s Getting Dark”

McIlwee discussed the new song saying:

“There’s an intersection between the natural world (a farm) and some sort of higher dimensional plane that overlays the natural world. That’s where this album exists, and this song is a descriptor of that intersection. There’s secrets (“mysterious lessons”), doppelgangers, and an overlying tension that suggests that not everything is as it appears. It’s at this intersection that emotions are incredibly heightened and don’t seem to make complete sense, words are spoken in code, light reflects in unusual ways, and the only thing we can do is accept that strange imbalance of what’s known and the unknowable.”

Working closely with Darcy Baylis and Ben Greenberg (The Men), McIlwee focused on going deeper than ever into the world-building aspect of WPSE, while also expanding his sound in new directions. Drawing on elements of house, trance, new wave, and more. “I probably say the word ‘mystery’ a hundred times on this record,” he explains. “That’s what I’m trying to bottle up–this idea of something that’s hard to know, but enticing.”

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
track list
Run For Cover Records

1. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
2. Moving Without Movement
3. Twilight Miracle
4. It’s Getting Dark
5. Saturday Night
6. Open Portal
7. Farm
8. One Silhouette
9. Assembly
10. Now That It’s Dark
11. Mystery I’m Tied To You
12. Who’s Watching Me

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