Fang Island Remix A Sunny Day In Glasgow


A Sunny Day In Glasgow have had a busy 2014. They released Their fourth LP Sea When Absent, they toured for the first time in four years, and now they’re capping off the year by making a return trip to the US this month. Jason Bartell’s (of Fang Island) new project Wins will be joining them on the road so it’s only fitting that we debut Fang Island’s new remix of “In Love With Useless” today.

Alongside this, the band have also announced their involvement in Geographic North’s Sketch For Winter project, described by the label as:

“Four distinctive artists commissioned to explore life’s polar condition through the warmth of cassette. Limited to 300 per artist, and spanning December to March, Geographic North presents a series of sentiments to carry you through the waning days of the receding year and welcome the beginnings of the next.”

The band’s latest proper LP, Sea When Absent, situates itself in the science fiction that is life in 2014 and goes looking for what new myths might speak to us in our post-Fukushima, post-quantum, post-everything world. Recorded over a year and half with Jeff Zeigler (War on Drugs, Kurt Vile) at his Uniform Recording Studios in Eraserhood Philadelphia, the album is a conscious move away from the bright-dark, ambient maximalism of the band’s acclaimed double LP, Ashes Grammar, and a move towards a post-millennial, up-front pop sound.


12/27 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
12/28 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott
12/30 – Washington, DC @ DC9
12/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle

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