Fancey releases new single “Love Mirage”

Fancey releases new single "Love Mirage"

Nearly, ten years ago, Todd Fancey (guitarist for Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers) put out a solo album under the Fancey moniker. This January 27th, 2017 will mark the release of Love Mirage through his own Stoner Disco Records. Today, he is sharing the tittle-track, which is now available to stream.

The full-length was co-produced by Allan Rodger, and shows Fancey “joyously embracing 70’s am radio sounds without a hint of irony. Listeners won’t know whether they should giggle or dance to infectious tunes including but not limited to “Baby Sunshine,” “Dream All Night” and “Witch Attack” which raises the question: why not just do both?

Joined by singers Angela Kelman and 13-year old Olivia Maye, the production of Love Mirage employed a purist approach using only vintage instrumentation, sans loops, plug-ins or overdubs. They did want it to sound like it was recorded in Toronto in 1979, after all.

Love Mirage
Stoner Disco Records

1) Love Mirage
2) Wander
3) Baby Love
4) Dream All Night
5) Witch Attack!
6) Carrie
7) Baby Sunshine
8) Disco Angel
9) Turn Around Baby
10) In The Morning Light