“Family Still” Told Slant

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Family Still" by Told Slant. The track is now available via Double Double Whammy
"Family Still" by Told Slant

Told Slant, the solo recording project of Brooklyn songwriter Felix Walworth (they/them), has announced their first new album in 4 years, titled Point the Flashlight and Walk, and shared 2 singles from it: “Family Still” and “No Backpack.”

Felix Walworth on “Point The Flashlight” And “Walk.”

“‘Family Still’ and ‘No Backpack’ are meant to be listened to in succession. They explore the concepts of devotion and togetherness as both liberatory and self-negating, and mount these explorations from a place of sober reflection and indulgent fantasy.”

Walworth uses Point The Flashlight and Walk to explore the limits of devotion; How deeply can one sublimate themselves through devotion to another? What is lost and gained when that devotion is ruptured? “Family Still” and “No Backpack” dive headfirst into this theme of devotion and encapsulate the graceful and layering arrangements that shine through on the album.

Known for their bare, down-tempo, guitar-driven arrangements and understated lyricism, Told Slant’s third full-length is their most complex work to date. The album weaves through hypnotic rhythms, tumbling piano, and delicate harp, continuously complemented by Walworth’s keen ability to evoke tangible intimacy through vocals and unconventional percussion.

Written and recorded in solitude in their bedroom, the creative process of making Point The Flashlight and Walk mirrors its narrative subject; the result being a layered arrangement built from the bottom up through experimentation, failure, failure, more failure, and inspiration.

Told Slant
Point The Flashlight And Walk
Double Double Whammy

1. Meet You in the City
2. Bullfrog Choirs
3. Flashlight On
4. Run Around the School
5. Whirlpool
6. Family Still
7. No Backpack
8. Moon and Sea
9. Fog on the Glass
10. Anchor
11. From the Roofbeams
12. Walking With the Moon

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